OpenUp Branding Assets

This repository provides assets (logos, images, etc.) for use when branding outputs from OpenUp.

This includes the Code for South Africa brand.

Note: These images and other brand assets are copyright OpenUp. You may not use them without permission. Please contact [email protected] with queries.


For online media, preferably embed the image from the URLs below. You can also copy the files to your project. By linking directly, logos can be kept up to date without making changes everywhere they are used.



Code for South Africa Data Journalism Academy logo.

Code for South Africa Data Journalism Academy


Prefer hyphens and lower case (i.e. slug) names, over spaces and mixed case.

Raster files

Name with a resolution suffix, e.g. -1200x267.png. That way we can easily see all the resolutions that need to be replaced.

Vector files

Please, for all that is good, share vector files.